Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Remind Me Why I Play Roller Derby Again?

I mean, really.

I can put bigger bruises on my body by falling into my dirty clothes hamper than the rest of the league can by trying to take me down. Yes, I tripped over my pants and fell into the dirty clothes hamper last night, and yes, my arm hurts.

Most people laugh with me when I make a joke, but my derby sisters take everything a bit too seriously. Can anyone imagine Catazon "walking it out" in front of 1500 people? Revisit the first paragraph if you need some inspiration. Not gonna happen.

A former student came into the library yesterday to tell me that when she sat through x-rays and CAT scans after being thrown from a horse last week and listened to everyone asking her if she would ever get back on a horse again, she thought of me. Yes, she will get back on a horse again. OK, I guess that's a good enough reason.


  1. Lol who took the joke too seriously?
    made me giggle :D

  2. When someone uses the words "under the impression", I'm under the impression that they are taking things too seriously. :)

  3. Similar to this.

    My whole arm was inside the hamper with my bicep taking the brunt of the impact on the handle. I'm sure the bruise will be visible from the upper deck of the Verizon at Sunday's bout.

  4. i would love to see you walking it out. :)

  5. I'm sporting a nice shin bruise from kicking a large floor fan.

    Not a derby injury. But could pass as a wheel imprint. I'm wearing cropped pants until it fades.

    Remember: Most accidents occur at home. Wear protective gear.

  6. [...] arm says there might have been a dent in the passenger door. The bruise is even bigger than the one when I fell in the clothes hamper, which you can actually see in the picture on my Blogger profile. [...]