Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What Are You Hiding Under Your Sk*rt?

Last year, I enjoyed an extraordinary season with the Burlesque Brawlers of the Houston Roller Derby. Sometimes I would jam back-to-back and get lead jammer both times. Sometimes I would send the opposing jammer into the crowd and skate away. Sometimes my eyes would glow, and girls would just fall down. Well, that last one might be an exaggeration...

When I was excited about my performance, I would share my excitement with the crowd by showing them what I was hiding under my skirt.
Ah, yes...the Meow Butt. It became something so much more than a cheeky gimmick. Wasn't long before the announcers would start calling it out before I could even flash it. Many people made me smile through my injuries by just saying, "Meowch!" Really, I just hope I inspired others to quit taking themselves so seriously, because God knows I started having a lot more fun when I learned how to laugh at myself.

Why am I sharing this today? This was posted as a way to promote a new website called sk*rt. I can win a bunch of cool stuff if you go over there and vote for me. You can do a revealing post, too, and I'll vote for you!

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  1. You got my vote chica. And if I could give you another one for the awesomeness of the lol cats post I would.