Monday, June 11, 2007

Miss Me--ow?

I know I've procrastinated posting June's bout poster, but I had doubts that it would really happen. I thought last week that everyone on the HaRD Knocks was going to kill each other, because there are 20 of us on the team and only 14 can skate for a single bout. You can see how ugliness tends to surround the announcement of the bout day roster. I'm pretty sure I'm still on that roster, even though people have complained about my inclusion, and I sat through scrimmaging yesterday. I'm sure they're thinking Catazon doesn't need the practice anyway...she'll pick up right where she left off TEN MONTHS AGO! Bring Dad out, because this should be the most entertaining bout yet this season.

2007 04 Big Top Brawl

Shout out to Brat Poison, a very talented teammate, who designed this month's poster.


  1. thanks for your comments..makes a sister feel uplifted! i'm hoping to make it to the bout! would it be crazy to try to make a practice with y'all while i'm here? shoot me an email if its ok and what time...

  2. I think they should let you play. You need exercise. Just ask them to please play nicely.
    Cool poster!!

  3. Hell yeah, Smack! Come on out anytime. I'll o.k. it with the training committee.

    Min, that's funny, because every time I line up next to someone, I say, "Hey, take it easy on me", then they are the one left sprawled on the floor. HA!

  4. oh schnikies - back on the track after 10 months?! Knock 'em down!!! :)

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