Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mayhem Did Live Up to Its Name

The Brawlers lost again, 128-43. Now a lopsided bout really isn't that interesting, but the Brawlers added a little spice to it by picking a fight with the Bosse$ at the end of Sunday's bout. Our captain yelled at their captain something about how much they suck for kicking us when we are down, and about five seconds later, we were all going at it. About five minutes later, somebody asked me if it was real. What do you think? ;)

The other bout of the evening didn't need a bench-clearing brawl to keep the audience's attention. The Betties and Sirens were almost evenly-matched, with a Betties' jammer racking up 10+ points then the Sirens putting a dent in it with their own 10-point jam. In the end, the Sirens came out ahead, 137-116.

All HRD teams get a two-month break to regroup while the HaRD Knocks and a second HRD all-star team take on Alamo City and Austin's Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, respectively, for the Big Top Brawl in June.


  1. That sounds freaking awesome.

    I have GOT to start getting to bouts again.

  2. gah . . . agreeing with Jenny; a few months without attending a bout is far too long - oh the spectacle!

  3. Hey chica,
    Can't find your address but check out my blog today. I'd love to finally meet you in person!