Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Any Given (First) Sunday

We may have lost to the Hotrod Honeys this Sunday, but I believe HaRD Knocks has the talent and determination to win in Austin.

The game was close in the first half (we even went ahead around the 6th jam), but the Honeys added on to the 18-point lead they had at halftime and doubled the point spread before it was all said and done.  Our jammers are as fast as their jammers, but our blockers are not as fast as their blockers.  I don't think our jammers expected their blockers to be that fast.  Plus, I hear we may have been robbed of some points, but I can sympathize with how hard it is to keep up with a game going that fast.  Believe me, I would much rather be skating than watching.  It makes you dizzy to watch.

We may get another chance at an Austin team in June.  There's a couple of weeks until that absolutely, positively needs to be finalized, so stay tuned.

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