Wednesday, April 18, 2007

See what?

I called lineups for the Burlesque Brawlers Sunday night. Sure, it sounds easy. You have up to two minutes to tell five women what position they are playing in the next jam. No problem. Then one of your jammers complains about a knee injury, then another is slammed into the bench and comes up with a huge welt on her shoulder, then another skated almost the entire track out-of-bounds (still getting hit while she was out there) and wants to give up (rightly so), and suddenly, you can throw all your carefully-planned lineups in the trash.

I can't write a recap of the Brawlers vs. Betties, because I spent most of my time with my back to the rink, asking my team who could skate in the next jam. I did see one of our veterans, Wreckhell Welch, get in a fight with Beverly Kills at the end of the first half. I did see some out-of-bounds hits, only because they happened in front of the bench and had me scooting away from the sideline. I did see our blockers get blindsided more than once due to their continued habit of focusing on one opponent and not seeing the whole floor. I was not able to count points, see how each ref was calling the game, watch the other team's strengths and weaknesses, and other observant things I'm able to do while skating. I planned on watching the video to come up with a good recap, but I'm tired of thinking about it.

The bottom line is the Brawlers lost 162-57, and I have to come up with a way to narrow that gap before we play the Bosse$ in May. My return to the rink would help, but that is still not an option. As I previously mentioned, the Bosse$ beat the Sirens, 90-79. If I had to rank HRD's teams on their ability to kick someone's ass on any given day, it would go like this: Bosse$, Sirens, Betties, Brawlers. In my opinion, even though the Betties did such a fine job of preparing us for how it rolls in HRD (some of you might know that's an inside joke), it's going to be even tougher on the Brawlers in May.


  1. From what I've heard, your rookie team played with a lot of heart and determination. I can't wait to see y'all tell the Bosse$ what's up come May!

  2. well, it was a bit of a blowout, but by gauging the ratio of Brawler rookies to Bettie veterans, plus the Bettie's EXTREME enthusiasm in giving the greenies a crash course in HRD competition (holy moses, both bouts were BRUTAL!), they definitey had the clear edge. (the veterans switching'd that happen, anyway?) regardless, it was great to see you back out there (your ears were cute!) take care of yourself & get well soon: HRD needs your graceful brutality! MEOWCH!!!

  3. Joe - Too bad the fans missed the brutality of the off-season...Sunday night was nothing compared to the ups-and-downs the Brawlers faced from November to February! We're talking about a few dozen women with strong personalities here. Scary. Thanks for the support.

    Furie - We will keep doing our best!

  4. yeegads! hopefully those personality clashes don't/won't have a negative impact on the great accomplishments HRD has already had. hang in there, & happy birthday!