Friday, January 19, 2007

Moe Doodle

A couple of months ago, I publicly stated that I was afraid to admit a major crush on a Doodlebop by the name of Moe. I got a better look at him when I used the excuse that The Kitten needed to go to her first concert. I don't care if he's short...I can't help it...this Doodlebop is totally doable!


  1. I agree with you. Victor keeps trying to convince me he's gay.

    We could totally change him over to our side.

  2. Victor's just jealous since he can't dance like that. That's also my husband's response anytime I notice another man even though I have never disparaged his favorite fantasy, Brooke Burke.

  3. Brooke Burke? I heard she was gay.


  4. My two year old loves the doodle bops, especially moe if he is gay it doesn't bother me I wouldn't stop my son from watching but I would just like to know, hey I'm a 32 yo single mom it wouldn't feel right not to ask. lol!!