Monday, November 20, 2006

Dangerous Hobbies

One of my husband's favorite arguments for continuing his most time-consuming hobby is the slim chance that he will be injured (as opposed to the high probability that I will be injured if I continue mine). Friday evening, I was sending him off on another hunting weekend when his hunting buddies asked me if I was going to continue playing roller derby. I replied that I had every intention of doing so if at all possible, and my husband made the usual unsupportive quip. Of course, I told him he was more than welcome to get back in the car and never go hunting again, and he played his favorite argument card. My husband tells me he never gets hurt at the deer lease while I'm staring at his friend that dragged him down the road dangling by his ankle from the back of a jeep. Oh, really?

Well, that conversation must have jinxed him, because this Sunday, he came home with a gash on his wrist that really needs stitches. While I'm truly concerned about his injury, I can't help but gloat a little inside.


  1. Thanks so much for your kind comment. I cannot wait until we get the banked track up. I've never been on one before, and it looks like so much fun.

    Glad to see you got the okay to skate again. Much love from South Side.

  2. First of all I LOVE the new look.

    Secondly, as the daughter of a hunter I have to say that not only is it dangerous, it also doesn't involve cute outfits and clever team names. He doesn't have a leg to stand on.

    Oh and my grandmother-in-law broke her back when she fell out of the back of jeep shooting at a rabbit.

    So there.

  3. Thanks for the compliment and the support! I actually don't mind my husband's hunting habit, but if he gets to spend a ton of money and time on something he enjoys, then so do I. It's only right.