Thursday, August 31, 2006

I thought it would be fun...

to post while in pain that cannot be reduced by Darvocet.

Yesterday, the compound fracture in my left ankle was repaired using four pins and a plate. They must have been on fire when my ankle was sewn up because I can feel all of them burning away in there now. I should be used to it by Sunday, so I can make it to Austin to watch the Stars Across Texas tournament.

I can't take Vicodin. I did after my knee surgery, and I saw wild dogs run into my bedroom and attack my knee. When I told my husband to get them off me, he said I was crazy. He says that alot, though.

MySpace post on the same topic:

The surgery is done. I'm recuperating at home with my mother-in-law cleaning every inch of my house. Isn't that cool? Glad I'm not as anal as I used to be.

Anyway, I'm starting to feel the pain, but I should get used to it in time to head up to Austin around noon on Sunday. We'll stop by the farm to turn on the window units (good news for those of you that need a place to crash), then I'll put in an appearance at Stars Across Texas. :) Meaning, the team I was supposed to captain will just have to do with my loud mouth on the bench. Aw man, I think my soul is hurting more than my ankle. :(


  1. My soul is hurting too. :(

    ur voice will surely help carry them to victory! see u there.

  2. You may not be skating with the girls this go-around, but you will be there and with your motivational yelling, things should turn out well ;)

    lucky you getting a free cleaning of the house too! :D

    glad to hear that everything is well and you are starting the recoup process.

    do me a favor and send my good luck wishes to all the girls this weekend!

  3. Catazon! You're back at home!

    Poor thing. Seriously...that sounds so incredibly painful. But what a scathingly fabulous story you'll have to tell about the scar, right?

    I have the same darvocet issue. And Ambien does the same thing to me too. My husband found me in a closet after taking an Ambien trying to figure out why I couldn't see through paper. He was convinced I'd had some kind of a nervous breakdown until I called my doctor and she explained that it's a somewhat common reaction to the drug. Who knew?