Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Last Bout of the Regular Season

Here's the promotional material:

Bout 6 Poster (Artwork by Chris Rien)

Although we haven't officially made the annoucement and most likely won't until after Bout 6, this should be a preview of the championship in September. Hopefully, the Brawlers will gel like we did in Bout 5 and give the Sirens some good competition.

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  1. Cat!
    You're the best! You've got more heart than anyone I know. I just have to say to whoever is reading this blog, this hellcat got a compound fracture, and not a tear, if they'd have gotten out of her way and she could have found a way back to that rink, I guarantee she'd have tried to still skate, be it on one foot, she'd have done it, I know that for sure. You're the best baby, and I have to say, it hurt us to lose you like that. We fought through that game til the very end, and fought hard. I think some people are definitely eating their words today that it was going to be an easy win for the Sirens. Even they know, we fought our hearts out to win that game, and if you'd have been there with us, the outcome would have been different. I want you to know how awful it is to see you end such a great season this way, and how sorry I am to see you hurt like this, anything you need, anything that I can do, I'm there. It's not over, not yet, there's still one more game left, and no one better throw their hats in til that last whistle blows.... We love you Catazon, you were there in our hearts last night... xoxo-- Poison...