Monday, July 17, 2006

I Almost Lost the Game!

The scene is the next-to-last jam in the second meeting of the Burlesque Brawlers and the Bayou City Bosses. Catazon is jamming. The details are a little fuzzy so I can't remember what actually ended the jam, but I clearly recall that neither jammer scored any points. (I pride myself in being able to see everything that is happening on the floor when I am in a jam.) I line up to jam again. I did this a lot which should explain why details are fuzzy. The Brawlers were ahead going into the next-to-last jam so once I snag lead jammer, I'm thinking I'm out for a nice 40-second stroll.


The scoreboard says the Bosses are ahead by three! I now have 20 seconds left to score four points! Where the hell are my jet-powered skates when I need them? The crowd is starting to count it down...I pass one Boss, then another. They don't even touch me. Where the hell is the Boss jammer? I don't know and I don't have time to find her, because Felanie is right in front of me and I have two seconds to pass her. Why doesn't someone hit her? 1...I look at the refs on the other side of Felanie...I think I did it! I can't watch...I'm going to collapse here on my knees and pray a minute. I think I must have passed their jammer, too, because it looked like Hell Bent held up four fingers. Why am I starting to cry? Did I blow or did I win it? I can't take the pressure! I hear cheering for the Bosses. How the hell did they score points when I didn't even see their jammer?

Now I'm definitely not crying, I'm throwing my helmet down in front of the whole ref team and screaming about how there's no possible way the Bosses scored any points. I don't even care that we lost, I just want them to quit having all these scoring problems. Get out of my face, Nic Ref Phobia! What, what? Oh, the score was wrong? The Brawlers won!?!?!?!? Sorry, Nic! Sorry, Ben! My team!!! No, don't pick me up! You'll hurt yourselves. They did it...they picked me up! What a sight that must be.

Flash forward. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. My first three fingers on my left hand were skated over after a bone-crushing hit by Scarilyn. I wish she was blocking for me on the travel team. My ankles are sore from trying to side-step Pushy all night long. She might be the best pivot in the league.

Looks like the Brawlers will be in the Championship Game!

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  1. that was quite a bout, and i give you major props for being one badass jammer and winning for the brawlers! yay!
    i hope your fingers feel better :/

    i didnt get a pic of the girls picking you up, but i did get one that just shouts "sweet victory"