Monday, June 12, 2006

The Agony of Defeat

It was was was hard to watch.  No, I'm not talking about Catazon's bruised tailbone that took her out of the bout in the first jam of the second half, although that pretty much summed up being elbowed out of bounds after the whistle blew.  I'm talking about no penalties being called for episodes like that.  I'm talking about a team trying to pick up the slack from losing four of their best players while seemingly being continually punished for past transgressions.  I'm talking about the quality of play that should be getting cleaner as we progress through the season but is instead getting dirtier.  I have my own theories on "dirty" play but can't ethically voice them in a public forum.  I guess you can surmise from my tone that the Brawlers lost again.  It still hurts to think about it, but it's not as painful as the throbbing in my nether regions.

MySpace post on the same topic:
Which is more painful?

Losing to the Betties or bruising my tailbone in the process? For those of you who care and aren't throwing elbows and late hits in my general direction...the tailbone is healing much quicker than the agony of defeat. Maybe not back on the skates by Wednesday but definitely by this weekend, and I'll be good to go for some bachelorette antics Saturday night.


  1. (comment from MySpace)
    Hey girl
    im glad to hear that its just bruised, and not broken.
    take care of yourself.
    you will be able to get sweet revenge in july :D

  2. (comment from MySpace)
    You were, justifiably, not a happy camper last night. The playing is getting dirtier. There is a five week layover until the next bout, so there should be more healthy bodies out there, but injuries seem to happen often in practice too. You must have been injured early in the 2nd round, as you were the last jammer of the 1st. I would love to see all the Brawlers back in July. I look forward to the next jam.

    I've downloaded a a video of your last jam on myspace. It was a bright spot of your last bout.


  3. Hopefully I'll have a couple more Brawlers out there beside me's going to be a tough one after watching the Bosses almost take the Sirens down last night. Hope you had a great birthday celebration!

  4. (comment from MySpace)
    Meouch !!!! Good to hear your tailbone isn't broken....I know a bruised one hurts pretty bad. You had the medics scared...they thought you were going to kick their asses if they touched your skates.

  5. Yes, I did go down in the very first jam of the second half, or in the break before the first jam and the second, if we want to be really nit-picky about it. A very looooong 18 minutes followed for the few, the proud, the Brawlers!

  6. I've heard from several people that I had the EMTs scattering for fear of their lives. They all thought I thought I was going back out there. I couldn't even walk!!! It was just the principle of being there for my team in some way. I'm kinda symbolic like that.

    It's even better today because the pain has moved into muscle soreness instead of a constant throbbing at the base of my spine.

  7. (comment from MySpace)
    Well you don't scare me, but I've already told you that. I was the one who put ice on your ass cause the guys were holding it and looking at each other like , "I'm not gonna do it!" ha! ha! Big wimps!

    p.s. I LOVE YOU!!!