Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bad Week

First, my boss resigned, or was more likely forced to resign.

Then, our office manager informed us that there is no paper in the building and there won't be any until Friday, leaving me to deal with a couple of hundred angry students that pay way too much to go to this school to have to worry about not being able to print their presentation that is due in ten minutes.

Next, I found out that my best friend not only had to put one of her dogs out of misery this week, but two.

So I show up at derby practice Wednesday night expecting to relieve some stress and ended up creating more. While working on blocking skills with one of my teammates, my big boat feet tripped her up, and she came down hard on her knee. It really did not sound or look good, and I've been there before. Did I mention that this is one of our best skaters? We CANNOT lose her before the biggest game of the season. Not wanting to do any further damage, I refrain from engaging anyone else until our head trainer decides he wants a shot at me. I'd usually give him a run for his money, but he took me out this time. Oh, I will remember that.

It's only Thursday...what will happen next?

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