Friday, April 7, 2006

On the Radio

Today will be my first time to be on the radio for something other than winning tickets. I can't believe I'm nervous. I've been on television many times...first in a department store commercial way back in the late 70's, on roller skates no less...when I graduated from high school, I was invited to say my name and school on KPRC due to my top ranking in my time, I filmed a stupid question for Matt Bullard at a Rockets game, and I do mean STUPID...AND, last but not least, when I played women's professional football, I made numerous appearances on camera. Those situations were for the most part scripted, and that's why I'm nervous. Too many opportunities on the Outlaw Dave Show on KIOL 103.7 for naughty things to come out of my mouth. Listen if you can.

In related news, HRD was on the news last night. KHOU told us it would be Friday night, so nobody taped it. I hear that one of my takedowns may be featured. If so, put that on the list above.

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